Haritha Krishna Eco club - About

1. Introduction:

Education goes beyond classes with in the college building, it also continuous outside:  if the college and students are motivated to grow a nice garden, the students will be able to enjoy themselves outdoors and at the same time be able to learn about the nature, environment, growing vegetables, fruits, and flowers, caring plants and ecofriendly lifestyle. This will not only give ambience to the college but also nurture nature friendly living in the students and staff of teaching and nonteaching.

Eco club plays an important role in spreading environmental awareness among student and mobilizing their participation in environment related activities. A group of people who are interested doing something towards environment can achieve much more than an individual can do. All sorts of clubs can be formed, but an Eco club will enable us to do something positive about the environment. The main purpose of Eco club is to make students feel, think, and be aware of the environmental issues.


II. A Brief History :

A Setting up- 1995-96: The idea of establishing a nature club was initiated by Dr. Smt. A Vanajakshi, IAS; Principal Secretary, Higher Education, Govt. of Andhra Pradesh during her visit to the college on 22.8.95. At a meeting convened with the members of Botany Department and Principal Sri Ch. Satyanarayana. She stressed the need for the making the college campus more beautiful by growing avenue, ornamental and horticultural varieties of plants by establishing a nature club in the college. Being a Botanist by herself, Dr. Vanjakshi, suggested that students must be made members of nature club and active participation of the principal, staff, and students must be ensured.

The efforts of Sri Satyanarayana, the principal of the college need to be remembered in setting up Haritha Krishna Nature Club. On 23.8.1995 the principal formed a committee  to organize the activities of nature club and Smt. M. Kamala lecturer in Botany ismadeconvenor with Dr. JVVSN Murthy and Dr. P Bharathi as members of the executive committee. A coordinating and advisory committee is also formed.

The first meeting of the nature club was held on 18.9.1995 in room no. 21 which was presided by Sri Ch. Satyanarayana, principal of the college. All the members of the staff attended. The principal appreciated the members of the nature club for their excellent work in raiging a garden in the college quadrangle in a record time. Sri V. Martin Luther, Principal, Govt. college for Men, Srikakulam, Smt. NasratKhadar,  Principal, Govt. college for Women, Srikakulam, Smt. I.L.Annapurna, Lecturer in Botany, Sri. P. Apparao, Lecturer in Physical Education and others planted saplings in the college garden.

III. A detailed account of functioning from 2005 onwards.

A. Rechristening as Haritha Krishna Eco Club

As per the circular issued by the Director of Higher Education in 2005 to start Eco Clubs in the colleges the name Haritha Krishna Nature Club was renamed as Haritha Krishna Eco Club.

B. Redefined the Mission and Objectives

As the club was rechristened the mission and objectives revised as follows.


Paving the way for sustainable future through environmental education and awareness.

Our Objectives:

  • To improve our natural environment.
  • To create awareness on environmental issues and stratgiesfor conservation of flora and fauna.
  • To bring about environmental friendly life style among the present day students.
  • To observe all important events and days concerning the environment, like World Environmental Day, World Coconut Day, World Ozone Day, World Wet Land Day, World  Forest Day and World Water Day etc.
  • Mobilising the participation of the students, staff and the community in various environment enrichment activities.
  • To work with other sister organizations in bring environmental awareness.

C . Membership and Coordinating Body

All the degree and postgraduate students are the members of Haritha Krishna Eco Club. Student members who volunteer to contribute more to the activities of the club are called as HarithaSamrakshakas. The principal of the college appoints a Committee with one of the faculty member of the department of Botany as coordinator and other faculty members of the department members in the committee. However a core committee comprising of the coordinator and few members officiate all the matter pertaining the club.

For 2010 – 11 academic year, the principal drafted a committee with Dr. J Ratna Grace as coordinator and the other teaching faculty of the department of Botany as members.

For 2016 – 17 Academic year, the principal drafted a committee with Dr. D.S. MadhavaRao as coordinator and the other teaching faculty of the department of Botany as members.