Dr. V.S. Krishna Alumni Association exemplifies the significant contributions that former students can make to educational institutions. The college has a rich history and has produced many notable individuals who have achieved great success and are now spread across the globe. The Alumni Association was established withRegistration N.O 916 of 2022 dated 19th Nov 2022 which regularly convenes with the principal and staff to discuss matters pertaining to the development of the institution.


●     Fostering a strong network among former students and the institution to promote lifelong engagement and support.

●      To provide financial contributions and resources to enhance the institution's facilities, programs, and infrastructure.

●     To offer mentorship and career guidance to current students, preparing them for professional success.

●     To elevate the institution's reputation by highlighting the achievements of its alumni.

●     To take part in charitable endeavours in order to be deemed socially responsible.



1.     Financial support. Alumni often donate funds that help build infrastructure, support research initiatives, donate text books, and improve facilities. These donations can significantly reduce the financial burden on the institution, allowing it to allocate resources to areas that enhance the overall student experience and academic quality. For instance, contributions from alumni can fund the construction of new buildings, upgrade laboratory equipment, or maintain libraries. These improvements create a better learning environment for current and future students.

2.     Alumni Engagement: Aspiring grads receive advice from our alumni.They participate in panel discussions, seminars, guest lectures, and other events as resource persons. Regarding abilities, current technologies & trends in the business world, application of information, corporate working culture, guidance for competitive examinations they offer their insights and experiences.

3.     Placement & Career Guidance AssistanceThey inform the placement officer and the faculty members about the jobs that are available with guidance and advice on career choices, industry trends, and professional development. They help and mentor the pupils so they can ace the interview. They encourage students to pursue careers in a variety of fields by sharing their experiences with them.

4.     Entrepreneurship Awareness: Many of our alumni are first-generation business owners, and some have founded companies in a variety of industries.During their time in college, they made the decision to start their own business. They acquired a variety of abilities and information along their journey as an entrepreneur. They educate the students by sharing their triumphs and difficulties.

5.     Encouraging Institute Events: Our college hosts a range of events in which former students take part. Convocation ceremony, College Annual Day, Teachers day are distinctive events that gain prominence each year. Alumni take an active role in the planning, organization, and branding of the institute.

6.      Institutional Social Responsibility: The alumni association take part in offering meals to the devotees in the famous religious event of people of Andhra Pradesh and Odisha SIMHACHALAM GIRIPRADAKSHINA every year.Books, blankets, chairs, mats, storage containers, and stationery, etc are being donated to support philanthropic causes that benefit society.

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