Career Guidance Cell - About




One of the policy decisions in the UGC XI Plan provides for establishing Career Guidance Cell in Colleges and Universities, which can be understood as a Centre assisting students in realizing their aptitudes/potential, training them to hone and supplement their aptitudes/potentials, match them with the available careers and bring in Companies to select them and place them. 



            Career Counselling shall assist the students in understanding their potentials and addressing both the academic and the career concerns and opportunities,with the following objectives –

  • Psychometric analysis of the students to understand their aptitude & potential
  • To assist/counsel students to map to the available careers based on their potentials, aptitudes and interests.
  • To counsel students in shaping their personality
  • To assist/counsel UG students for vertical progression by conducting Entrance coaching for post-graduation studies
  • To assist/counsel PG students in their vertical progression for a better Research Career
  • To assist students for a career in competitive examinations
  • To assist students in acquiring additional skill sets

Functions of Career and Counselling Cell

         As per UGC 11th Plan guidelines it is the function of the Career & Counselling Cell -

  1. To gather information on job avenues and placements in different institutions and concerns related to the courses that the College offers.
  2. To analyze information in the local, regional and national contexts to explore its relevance and utility for the students in their placements and on-job training.
  3. To organize seminars and guidance workshops for informing students about the emerging professional trends and events, job profiles, leadership roles, entrepreneurship, market needs and risks and implementation of national socioeconomic policies and to impart training in soft skills.
  4. To promote discipline, healthy outlook and positive attitudes towards national integration and removal of narrow provincial preferences and prejudices.

Constitution of the Cell

As per University Grants Commission, along with the academic and administrative processes in a College, Career and Counselling Cell has to be a dispensation of well-informed and interested teachers. The Committee for the Career Counselling Cell has to be formed with the following members:-

  1. Chairman              -           Principal
  2. Coordinator           -           Lecturer with expertise in Academic, Professional & Competitive knowledge
  3. Members               -           Lecturers from Arts, Humanities & Languages with orientation towards
  4. Industry experts    -           IT/Pharma/Aqua/Banking/Insurance/Marketing/others