All the records of the library are computerized. We are using SOUL software developed by INFLIBNET. We are using all operations in the library as per SOUL. We are also maintaining manual register for issues and returns. Recently, we updated with SOUL 3.0 latest version of SOUL software



  1. Document Delivery Service
  2. Reference Service
  3. Bibliographic Service
  4. News Paper Clipping Service
  5. User Orientation
  6. Old question papers
  7. Information Display and Notification Services
  8. Reprographic Services
  9. PG entrance old Question papers
  10. Providing Current awareness and service through

whatsapp group

  1. Internet service




  • The library is functioning on Open Access System to students and staff.
  • The library is using SOUL software for library operations provided by the UGC INFLIBNET.
  • Students use OPAC (online public access catalogue) of SOUL package for locating the needed books.
  • Library adopts ‘Dewey Decimal Classification’ for classifying books.
  • Library is kept open other than the teaching hours i.e. from 10 am to 5 pm.
  • Orientation program is conducted every year to the newly admitted students.
  • Competitive Examination material is provided to the students.
  • Text book reference section is open to all students.
  • Internet facility is provided to the students and staff.
  • Wi-Fi facility is provided to the students and staff



Internet service is provided in the library for the benefit of students and staff. The students were permitted to browse the net for 15 minutes keeping in mind the heavy rush for browsing the net. Students are allowed to see only educational purpose websites. The tracking lists of the browser websites will be checked by the librarian immediately after the students allotted time is over and also provided Wi-Fi facility to the students and staff.




The number of visitors, Documents issued etc represents the use of library. The statistical information regarding these items is given under in a tabular form.





  1. The imbalances in the collection of certain subjects will be rectified as soon as budget is released by the government.
  2. The facilities in the reading room will be improved by adding new seats with more accommodation. We are planning to arrange separate Reading room. We are planning to subscribe more journals.
  3. We are planning to acquire latest collections on all subjects and competitive books.
  4. Plans will be ready for Inter library loan facilities with more colleges for the benefit of staff and students to expose them to variety of news materials.