About JKC

Jawahar Knowledge Centres (JKCs), the excellent Finishing Schools instituted in 2005 by the Government of Andhra Pradesh with a mission to enhance employment opportunities of students in Government Degree Colleges of the State have made a difference in the lives of a large number of students. The increasing prominence of India on the global map and the explosion of IT opportunities have created the need for placement assistance cells that would improve the career prospects of our students. The JKCs with a dedicated focus on transforming the existing unemployable talent pool in Government Degree Colleges into an industry friendly one is striving with commitment and sincerity of purpose.

The Department strongly believes that there is definitely no dearth of talent and intelligence in our students but there is a severe want of confidence and communication skills. With an intention of bridging the gap between academics and industry and train our students in the weak areas, the JKCs in Government Degree Colleges have evolved into a useful training platform. Mentors, who have been specially trained by language experts from US state department, give training to all the students in Soft Skills and Communication Skills. Technical specialists along with the Language mentors offer training in Technical Skills, Analytical Skills, Management tools, Computer usage and Personality development. They inculcate confidence in the young learners and help them to effectively and boldly face the needs and challenges of a rapidly changing global business environment.