Encore English club - About

           Encore English club was inauguratedon 16.12.2015 by Prof.C.L.L.Jayaprada, Professor of English, Andhra University. The principal, the members of the Department of English, the Teaching Faculty of other disciplines and students were present on the occasion.

              To begin with, the students were organised into different houses.

1. Shakespeare's plays

2. Chaucer's Tales

3. Miltonic skits

4. Keatsian phrases     

5. The big Indian trio


          The objectives of the Encore club are to improve the standards of students in all the four language skills-Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing( LSRW). The name of the “Encore” English Club suggests “a repeated or additional performance/action”. Therefore, the Club tries to enhance the skills of the students by conducting several activities in the form of


1.  Language games

2.  Language tasks

3.  Group discussion

4.  Group work

5.  Book reviews

6.  Debates

7.  Role plays

8.  Situational conversation-practice

9.  Mock interviews

10.JAM sessions