Political Science

Political Science

Dr. V.S. Krishna Government Degree College (A),


Department of Political science




The Department of Political Science has been established in 1968, it has a elegant historical record and is one of the main stem of our Dr. VS Krishna Government Degree College (A). This achievement is embodied in its mission to achieve excellent levels of eminence in teaching by transmitting knowledge and understanding that are needed to transform the young mind and making them better human beings in society with knowledge and moral values. Students of the Department are motivated towards leadership positions in international and national private and public sector organisations and in government, among others.


The vision of the Department of Political Science is to inculcate and develop the personality traits of students individually and as group in dealing with various problems of the society along with the passion for developing scientific and technological temperament in knowledge enhancement of the day. The Department follows a pragmatic approach in the field of political science to provide an overall learning experience for the students. We use best curriculum along with Continues Internal assessment (Method) to maintain the highest standard of excellence in the field of teaching and learning.


The Department of Political Science provides strong faculty dedication to teaching and excellence and produces a student body that is highly trained and mentored for successful impact in the challenging world outside. The department uses student mentor system for connecting with the student community. The system gives the chance to monitor students individually and to help in their overall personality development. We identity the students as fast learners, slow learners and moderate learners as part of their academic excellence. The slow learners are given remedial classes to meet their requirement and to cope up with the fast learners. The Department of Political Science strives to pursue academic excellence in teaching, research and extension.

The Honours degree programme in Political Science was started from the academic year 2023 – 2024 as a part of implementing the National Education Policy (2020). The Department focuses on familiarising students with contemporary academic debates along with the static concepts. As a part of the process the Department conducts various programs such as Mock Parliament, Mock Elections, Human Rights Day, Constitution Day, Voter’s Day and so on.

Programme s Offered:


Name of the Programme  offered

Year of establishment



B.A. (History, Economics and Political Science)

B.A. (Special English, History and Political Science)





B.A. Honors Political Science



In additiion to the above, the Department of Political science offers a value added courses every academic year. This Best - Practice was started from the academic year 2022 - 2023.


S.No Academic Year Intake Course Name
1 2022 - 2023 40 The Consitution of India
2 2023 - 2024 40 Basic Concepts of Gneder Studies


Design of syllabus:

From 1968 to 2011 the syllabus of Political science was designed by Andhra University Visakhapatnam. As the college was conferred Autonomous status in the year 2011, the Department designed it's own syllabi from 2011-12 academic year and reviewed it periodically to suit the needs of the students.

Activities of the Department:

The Department is conducting various activities to provide practical experience to the students which includes field trips to various historical places, conducting various seminars, guest lectures poster presentation etc.

Faculty Profile:

The following staff members are working in the Department:

         1. P. Dhana Lakshmi

        MA, NET and SLET

         Head of the department

         2. Dr. B. Padma

                    MA, M. Phil, Phd

         3. D. V. L. Tejaswi

                    MA, M. Phil, NET - JRF, SLET

No of students in the Department during the academic year 2021-22

I Year       -----161

II Year    ------ 130

III Year    -----130

 No of students in the Department during the current academic year 2023 - 2024

I Year       ----- 39

II Year    ------ 120

III Year    ----- 109